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Storage containers used as homes

By , June 30, 2010 3:13 am

Storage containers are immediate, strong and durable. You can transport large quantities at one time. You can modify them with minimal skill and without compromising their structural intergreity. Thousands of people in Australia lives in Trailer parks, Rv and modular homes. They are equipt with modern appliances and amenities. These optional features can also be included in storage container. These storage containers are a byproduct of the the developed world trade. They can be recycled into sustainable, durable, immediate housing. I would prefer to be in a metal box (storage container house) during a hurricane or an earthquake than a concrete, wood frame house or a FEMA supplied trailer. We need to get real about helping Haiti and the Third world. A storage container modifed into a house, a school, a clinic, or site office building is a viable option that should be promoted in Haiti and other disaster stricken countries.