Other uses for storage containers

By , June 21, 2010 6:48 am

You might think that storage containers are only used to store and transport goods right? Wrong! Storage containers are used for a magnitude of things that many people probably don’t know about. Storage container conversions is a new industry that is making use of the thousands of used storage containers that are imported to our ports on a daily basis. A storage container can be converted into numerous functional assets that not only increase productivity in the workforce, but also protect important equipment on-site. Some of these specialised storage container products include site offices, portable workshops, granny flats and other portable buildings that can be seen at most construction sites. These storage container products are constructed from used storage containers and custom built to the clients specifications. This means that every modified storage container is unique and can be built from a variety of storage container sizes. For more information on specialised storage containers give Port Container Services a call on 1300 793 668 and talk to one of our storage container consultants.

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