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By , May 17, 2010 12:03 pm

Welcome to our new storage container blog. We will continue updating our storage container blog with information and advice on storage containers for sale.

Storage containers are a practical way to transport and store your goods for long and short term storage. You can buy or hire storage containers from storage container companies such as Port Container Services for a fair price. New and used storage containers come in a variety of sizes and can be stacked on top of each other to maximise space. But other then transport and storage do storage containers have any other practical purposes? This article will go through a few alternative storage container products that have recently been release on the market.

Modified Storage Containers

Storage containers can be modified to create additional functionality to your standard storage container. Storage container accessories are designed and installed into the storage containers by experience storage container engineers. Some of these storage container accessories include additional doors, windows, shelving, desks, lights, power, kitchenettes, whirlybirds, vents, air conditions….. the list is endless. These accessories are installed into the storage containers to create site sheds, dangerous goods storage containers, accommodation containers, portable workshops and containerised homes.

Site Sheds – Site sheds are normally used at large developments sites as a base of operations to organise there workers. They are secure and used to store important documents on site, are powered for use of phone and computer equipments, and are also used as lunchrooms.

Portable Workshops – these modified storage containers are also usually found at construction sites also. They not only work as a workshop to increase productivity, but are also used to store equipment securly on site. These modified storage containers are usually powered for lighting and the use of power tools, plus have an abundance of heavy duty workbenches and shelving.

Dangerous Goods Storage Containers – These units are necessary when transporting or storing dangerous goods. They are design and constructed to store Class 3 dangerous goods and are designed to meet Australian Standards. Dangerous goods storage containers are outfitted with an internal safety door handle, ventilation, bunded floor section (to allow for environmentally friendly waste disposal) and a lockable stainless steel valve for safe waste disposal.

Accommodation Containers – these modified storage containers are a perfect solution for temporary accommodation. They are usually found at mine sites in remote areas to house employees close to there base of operations. Accommodation containers are usually powered with bedroom, kitchenette and ensuite. They can also be used as granny flats or holiday accommodation on land that is not zoned for development.

Containerised Homes – Storage container homes are just that. Homes that look like homes, but the bones are storage containers. Not just for resourceful squatters, storage container conversions are taking the world by storm. Storage container engineering bring efficiency, flexibility and affordability to innovative green buildings, from small vacation cabins to movable cafes, schools and skyscrapers. Storage containers are looking more and more viable for the small house and small living movement. Yearly, millions of storage containers arrive in Australian ports, but only a portion of these containers ever leave our consumptive shores. For many companies, the cost of shipping empty storage containers back across seas for reuse exceeds that of purchasing new ones. Add to that our negative balance of trade, and empty storage containers start piling up. Although the problem remains formidable, out of the box thinkers are coming up with great ways to make use of the hundreds of thousands of storage containers that are literally stacking up around the world. As it turns out, with a little spiffing-up, used storage containers are ideal building blocks for prefab homes, and their reuse can provide answers to environmental and social problems alike.

Storage Container Sizes

There are thre standard storage container sizes – 10′ storage containers (3m), 20′ storage containers (6m) and 40′ storage containers (12m). These storage containers can usually be purchased straight off the stack and delivered immediately, though you can order a custom size if you are interested in pursuing a modified storage container. Once ordered the storage container can be delivered directly to your site via either a side loader transported or a tilt tray transporter. A hiab loader can also be used to transport your storage container if you have imited access to your site.

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